The Dawe Family Trust was founded by Alan Robert Dawe. Alan created the Dawe Family Trust and this accompanying website to create an archive of Dawe family genealogical data, photos, and heirlooms. Alan passed away in Bali, Indonesia while on a round-the-world trip in 2014. This website will carry on Alan’s memory, his efforts to preserve our family’s history, and serve as a collection point that will chronicle the Dawe family for posterity to understand and enjoy.

History & People

Peter DawePeter Dawe
To begin the journey of exploring your heritage you need a starting point. For Alan Dawe who started this webpage, the Dawe Family Trust, and its associated collection of family heirlooms, it was his great grandfather Peter Dawe.

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Dawe Family Music BoxDawe Family Music Box
This music box has been in the Dawe family for four generations of the Dawe family and has been the responsibility of seven different members of the Dawe family in that time. It was purchased by John Shepard Dawe around the turn of the 20th century. The box does not belong to any one person, but instead belongs to the the entire Dawe family.

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